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July 26, 2004 by DolceFemme
Finally, passed Thursday July 22nd 2004 I saw THE MOVIE I (we) had to wait for so long in Europe “Fahrenheit 9/11” !

To everyone thinking/telling Michael Moore is biased YOU ARE SO WRONG ! The movie IS based on facts and NOTHING is taken out of context to make the movie “flow” or “juicy”.

I know sometimes it’s hard to be confronted with yourself, but I don’t think that Michael tried to ridicule the President, I think he just wants to give the message “you fucked up..learn and DO something ...
July 12, 2004 by DolceFemme
It's Monday again, and i have to say i had a great weekend !
The party was awesome and as far as networking goes ..that went great too !

Now, i feel vibrant and full of energy again ! I think i just needed that.
Belgian people are very nice, and GREAT entertainers.
I love the way they talk, and all are very interested at what you do or what your goals are in life. That's something i havent heard much of here in Holland. Everyone seems so occupied with themselves (except for Alex).

Ah we...
July 9, 2004 by DolceFemme
AWESOME but TRUE, today we are going to a party at the Embassy of Belgium.

Good for networking, since i still need a fun and good job !

So everyone have a wonderful weekend (i'm very sure that i WILL !!)

Hopefully i'm allowed to take pics so i can at least show them here.

Have a good one !
July 6, 2004 by DolceFemme
Running the business with “One Click”

We had a dream….

Me and my former collegue and friend used to work for the same company. Round that time working for a Telco was booming business ! Specially with the outroll of GPRS/UMTS for mobile phones and ADSL for computers and your “normal” phone lines.

We used to work for Sales..responsible for the big productlines profits. We were innovative, always full of ideas and trying to make exsisting productlines more profitable by suggesting impleme...
June 28, 2004 by DolceFemme
Spending already 2 years of my life as a Senior Financial Officer and Head of Financial Department I have decided it’s time for something else.

And NO I’m not a job hopper and I don’t intend to become one either.

The main reason I am looking for something else is because, I REALLY don’t want to bookkeep anymore ! You might think “then WHY apply for this job in the first place ?” Well, guess what that was not supposed to BE my job from the beginning !

I asked specifically and even told t...
June 25, 2004 by DolceFemme
WEEKEND ..Wasted time or not ?

It's Friday all over Europe !
Wonderful to know ofcourse, but if there is any country i would NOT like to spent my weekend right now..it's my OWN !!
I'm sorry, but it's true. And i really dont know WHAT toerists or any other foreigner likes about my country.

I mean take Amsterdam for instance, GREAT city, lots of stuff to do most of the time most of stores are open 24/7, you can party you can basically do anything and MORE in Amsterdam. But..there comes a m...
June 24, 2004 by DolceFemme
Fahrenheit 9/11" in Europe ?

In my opinion the reason why it takes so long for Michael Moores movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" to hit the theaters around Europe is the fact that nobody likes to be laughed at (read: The Bush Administration) by the whole planet at the same time ! So they decided to do it in small dosis !

According to articles and watching the Cannes FilmFestival, it sounds like this movie is DA BOMB and i cant wait to see it !

In the meantime...we'll be watching YOU !!
June 24, 2004 by DolceFemme
A new wonder (or at least to me). Instead of writing on pieces of paper, post-its and everything else that holds ink, it's time for something new, something totally different (to moi that is !) and it saves a lot of ink and paper that is owned by the company i work for.

So what can you find here ? Everything that's on my mind basically. What bothers me and what doesnt, what bothers YOU and what doesnt.
I have to check things out first so probably a lot of BS in the beginning and hopefully ve...